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After my short time on, I have enjoyed the WordPress software so much that I have decided to shut down this blog, go all out and get my own domain and separately host my blog using the software.

So here’s the new site:

Go check it out!

Blog announcement coming soon!

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In the next 24 hours, there will be a big blogging announcement made on here! Check back later today or tonight. You won’t want to miss it!

Mind Dump

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Here’s a bunch of thoughts and life stuff:

  • Getting up at 5:30am was horrible! I got into bed after midnight and couldn’t sleep well all night. Then, I had to drive up to Bessemer City, NC for early morning worship practice. I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight!
  • Practice and worship up at First Wesleyan Church in Bessemer City went great this morning. The band is awesome! They are some great guys and really talented musicians! Ward, thanks for the opportunity to lead worship up there! It was fun!
  • It’s been a good week overall! I had 5 different people offer to put my name in for open church positions. Some were people who were leaving their current position and wanted to recommend me to replace them; a couple were senior pastors who wanted me to put in my resumé for a position at their own church; and another was someone who wanted to recommend me for a position he heard about. Good things might be happening!
  • Speaking of those positions, there is one position in particular that Kindel and I are leaning more towards. It would be a great opportunity for serving and seeing life change (in us and others).
  • I’m beginning to really enjoy twitter. HOWEVER, it would be REALLY awesome if more people would give it a shot! If you’re still curious about twitter, check out this video explaining twitter in plain English.
  • The SWU ministry teams started heading out to camps this weekend. I spent one night doing a Q&A time with a bunch of them. Hanging out with them made me want to jump in a van and go with them. I definitely miss traveling! Those were some of the best times of my life!
  • I’m working on building my own blog through and getting my own domain. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Practice for camp is on Tuesday! All week will be spent preparing for two straight weeks of camp! SWEET!
  • I’ve been sick all night. Stomach sick too. Not fun. I think it’s over though. I’m going to attempt to eat now.

Sick and Tired of It – Weigh In Week 3

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Well, after weighing in this morning, I am officially changing the title of my weigh in posts to “Sick & Tired Of It”. I am SICK and TIRED of weighing this much. It’s awful. I WILL lose weight by next weigh in!

Goal: 175 lbs

Last week: 241.5 lbs

This week:

242 lbs!

I’m sick and tired of this! It’s time for war! Here’s the link back to the Ragamuffin Top Challenge.

Tell me about it!!!

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Check out this CNN article:  Unemployment in biggest jump in 22 years

That’s definitely the truth!

10 Most Worthless College Majors

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This article was on Digg today.  I’m glad I’m finally #1 at something!

Did you make the list?

Can’t sleep… too much in the dome

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There’s too much stuff rolling through my mind right now.  I can’t sleep.  Here’s the sneak peak.

  • I’m driving up to Bessemer City later today to practice with the worship band at First Wesleyan Church for Sunday morning.  On Sunday, I’m filling in for Jon Ward as the worship leader for the contemporary service.  I’m excited about the opportunity!  I’m a little nervous about working with musicians that I’ve never met or played with before, but I’m sure it will be fun.
  • In the last two days, I’ve had three people tell me about open (or soon-to-be open) positions at churches that they are leaving or know the person leaving and said they would put in my name as a highly recommended candidate for the position.  That’s a lot to pray about as I’m searching for mine (and Kindel’s) next step in life and ministry.
  • Even with those positions being somewhat open to me, I am still seeking God to see about the possible church planting opportunities.
  • Discerning God’s will is hard when all the options in front of you are good options and all of them have the possibility of amazing ministry things happening (lives changing, people meeting Jesus, etc.).  Sometimes I wonder if I should be so worried about picking the “right one” when God is not (at least so far) narrowing the scope to only one.  Maybe that means that God will be with me and allow me the opportunity to minister in His name no matter which path I take in job selection.  Just some thoughts.
  • Kindel is under a lot of emotional stress right now because of some hard situations.  It is even adding stress to our own relationship.  It makes things more difficult for both of us.  I’m praying that the situation will continue to get better.  She can’t continue to deal with this major emotional stress, hurt and frustration.  It’s wearing her out.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Pray for me as well.  Pray that I will be there for her whenever she needs it.  Pray that I will comfort her, encourage her, and hold her up when she has nothing left.
  • I’ve had some struggles with the worship situation for camps.  Tanner, who plays electric guitar, had to recently back out of playing at SC high school camp (which was horrible news because he is amazing!).  So, now I’m begging a guy to come down and play guitar in his place during that camp.  I REALLY hope this guy can do it!
  • I ate like a pig today.  I just munched on food all day.  I definitely can’t do that again anytime soon!
  • I sold my old Dell laptop on eBay today.  It doesn’t work anymore, so I sold it for $150 to someone for parts.  All I could do with it is make it into an expensive doorstop, so I’m glad I sold it!  I also have another nine listings on eBay right now.  I hope to make a little more money from those too.  I’ve got to pay the bills.
  • I’m really glad Kindel is blogging now!  It’s neat to see her thoughts written out.  Most of the time, I have already heard her say most of the stuff she writes about, but it’s nice to see it written too.  You can check out her link on my sidebar.
  • I wish more people would give twitter a shot.  It’s good for keeping up with people’s daily lives without all the other junk that facebook and myspace get cluttered with.  You can even change your twitter status or direct message other people through texting on your cell phone.
  • I really hate waiting on life!  I wish I knew what our next step was going to be.  I really wish I knew where I would be working after camps are over.  I wish I knew where I would be living in a couple months.  Right now, I have camps coming up soon and then I have no clue what I’ll be doing or where I’ll be living in a couple months.  I hate that.  I want to have some stability in work and where I’m living.  I want to know I plan to be there more than a few months.  I want to know I have a paycheck coming in.  I want to have a routine.  I want to be a part of a strong ministry and church.
  • Maybe I’m starting to get tired.  Now that I’ve sorted out my thoughts through writing, my mind will stop spinning.

Goodnight readers!


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